7 Things That Happen After You Start Doing Planks Daily

Bodyweight exercises are getting popular in the fitness world as they require a small amount of your time and because of their simplicity. Planks are one of the most popular bodyweight exercises. They require a small amount of your time and provide great results as an output.

Abdominal muscles play a vital role in preventing injuries. They should also provide support for our back and spinal column. But, in order to perform planks successfully, our muscles should be strong and trained on daily basis. In short daily planks exercises are a great way to strengthen your core and to support your spine.

This is how a basic plank exercise is performed:


Following are the 7 things that happen as a result of performing planks exercises:

1. Improvement in core definition and performance

Planks are an ideal exercise for your abdominal muscles as they engage all the core muscles including transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, external oblique muscle, and glutes. Strengthening these muscles result in:

  • Transverse abdominis: increased ability to lift heavier weights.
  • Rectus abdominis: improvement in sport, specifically in jumping. It is also responsible for the six packs look.
  • Oblique muscles: improvement in side-bending and waist-twisting
  • Glutes: a supported back and a strong, shapely booty.

2. Reduced risk of injuring your back and spinal column

Planks allow you to build your muscles by not putting much pressure on spine or hips. According to American Council on Exercise, planks not only reduces the back pain significantly but also strengthens your muscles and ensures the strong support for your back.

3. Increase in your metabolism

Planks help in burning more calories than any traditional abdominal exercise out there. The muscles which you strengthen during this exercise, ensure that you burn more energy even while sitting. This is perfect for the users who spend most of their time in front of a computer. These 1-5 minutes exercises provide an increase in your overall metabolism and ensures that the metabolic rate remains high all day even when you are asleep.

4. Improvement in your posture

Planks improve your posture to a great extent. Strengthening your core muscles gives you the ability to maintain a proper posture all the time as the abdominal muscles have a great effect on your neck, shoulders, chest, and back.

5. Improvement in overall balance

You might have noticed sometimes that you were not able to stand straight on one leg for more than a couple of seconds. That is because of weak abdominal muscles you have which are not strong enough to give you a proper balance. Doing side planks can greatly enhance your ability in almost every kind of sport activity.

6. More flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of doing planks. These exercises expand and stretch all your muscle groups including shoulders, shoulder blades, collarbone, hamstrings, arches of your feet, toes, and oblique muscles.

7. Mental benefits

Planks exercise improve your overall mood as they stretch out the muscle group which contribute to stress and tension. Just think for a while, you are sitting in a chair at home, school, or office all day long and your legs get heavy being bent for several hours or your thighs get tight. It develops some sort of tension in your body. Planks improve the situation by not only calming your brain but also treating the anxiety and depression if and only if you make them a part of your daily routine.

At the end, let us give you an simple 5-minute plank exercise to make it a part of your daily routine. Do this and see the great results yourself. Given below is an infographic which shows the 5-minute workout:


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7 Things That Happen After You Start Doing Planks Daily

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