Free Food Offer For All 9gaggers, Story Of ‘The Kebab Guy’

The Kebab Guy, a kebab restaurant owner Zargani from Sydney, Australia who posted on the humor website 9gag that he would give free meals to any 9gag user of the site who went to his restaurant.


Soon after posting, the place got overwhelmed with 9gag users, generating few jokes about Zargani loosing cash over the stunt, while likewise beginning a few reactions to individuals who might adventure Zargani’s offer by coming a few times to his restaurant.


The Kebab Guy offers a full menu for 9gaggers.


The Kebab Guy took after the tradition on 9GAG of posting jobs. In his caption he incorporated that every one of the 9gaggers will get free food at his restaurant. After few weeks his account got banned because of “Advertising”.

He made another account (Zargani_TKG) where he doesn’t said anything about his business still got banned.


He says that he’s going to be bankrupt in months but he is doing well because his parents are actually supporting him financially and he is doing this just for peace and love and in order to help poor’s and needy.


He also recently introduced his gaming channel over YouTube.

According to the Kebab Guy it’s not a publicity or an advertisement stunt, he will not accept any fundraising or donations as he is doing all this selflessly just to run a peace campaign not an advertisement campaign.

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Free Food Offer For All 9gaggers, Story Of ‘The Kebab Guy’

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