World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips

A Swedish Brewery, St. Erik’s has created world’s most expensive potato chips. It will cost you $56 to purchase a box of only five.

World's Most Expensive Potato Chips 1

The company is marketing the chips as “World’s most expensive potato chips”. Each box of five chips comes with a letter to prove the authenticity of what you’ve purchased.

You’ll be wondering, why would someone buy only five potato chips for $56? But curiosity is a part of every human and You’ve got to admit that many people will buy it given the fact that profit from these chips will be donated to a charity.

World's Most Expensive Potato Chips 2

St. Erik’s joined hands with Swedish National Culinary team to create these unique chips. They used ingredients like truffle seaweed, Leksand onion, matsutake mushrooms, India Pale Ale wort, crown dill, , and hand-picked Ammarnas potatoes. These chips are particularly designed to pair up with the brewery’s India Pale Ale.

World's Most Expensive Potato Chips 3

Well, if you are willing to get them for yourself, unfortunately you can’t as these chips were limited to 100 boxes all of which are sold out. Considering the success, they might prepare more and you may get one box for yourself. Also, they wouldn’t be world’s most expensive potato chips if everyone could get them 😉

World's Most Expensive Potato Chips 4

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World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips

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