Police Academy Under Attack In Quetta



The attack was reported to be taking place at a hostel where six terrorists have entered into police training college premises where almost 200 cadets live.

According to reports more than 100 cadets have been released by doing operation carried out by SSG commandos.

Reporters reports hearing two loud explosions,From inside the center gunfire and explosions can be heard. Terrorists are said to be carrying AK-47s and grenades.

Television channels are reporting that at least 25 and 5 sustained bullet wound that are being treated at Civil Hospital police officers have been injured and terrorists have taken several cadets as a hostage as well.

The attackers are currently inside and are engaged in a discontinuous exchange of fire with security forces.

The training college is situated on Sariab Road that’s the most sensitive areas of Quetta where Militants have been targeting security forces for too long.

An emergency has been declared in hospitals across the city.

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Police Academy Under Attack In Quetta

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