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Hi folks! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about real estate, its future and ways of eliminating the annoying things that get in the way between a happy owner/tenant and their new home or investors and their benefits. So today we decided we’d start a blog-series about a project which seems to have a lot of answers to those particular problems involved in the real estate business.

This post might be a little too technical for beginners, but please do not be alarmed, more detailed information will follow this post very soon!

Let me give you a brief introduction to the project we are going to discuss, ATLANT. Their team has two main ideas which will help them revolutionize the market as well as lead it.

What does Atlant do ?

First of all we will talk about their tokenization project, in which they will attempt to tokenize real estate. This might sound complicated at first but this simply consists in ‘digitalizing’ every squaremeter of a building. Let me elaboarte : every squaremillimeter of 1 building will be represented by 1 token. For example (a) 100m2 (building) corresponds to 100000mm2 surface implying that the building is worth 100000 tokens. ‘Worth’ is not exactly a very accurate term for this, but in order to avoid any confusion we will use the word ‘worth’ for now. These tokens can be easily bought or sold without further complications.


The advantage of such a tokenization is the whole Blockchain technology behind it which processes things in a safe and transparent fashion. In addition to this, fraud as well as forged tokens are impossible.



Where might one trade these tokens ?

ATLANT even has a solution for this matter : members of the ATLANT-team already have their own fully functionning exchange and they are currently working on a decentralized Exchange for ATLANT.

A decentralized exchange is an exchange (a place of sale and purchase of tokens/altcoins) which no authorities have power over an which is exclusively kept alive by the network. But we will see more about that in another post.


Secondly, ATLANT wants to create their own peer-to-peer rental app and compete against the Giant ‘Airbnb’.

The question we want to ask ourselves is why would one even need this and how will ATLANT assert themselves next to ‘Airbnb ‘? Well thanks to the blockchaintechnology ATLANT is using, the same services as Airbnb can be provided but with the benefit of significantly lower fees. This allows the tenant to pay less rent and the lessor to earn more than precedently. Another upside to this technology is the fact that fake reviews and ratings will also become impossible ; only the people who have booked the room are able to rate and review the room they booked.

ATLANT is currently and succesfully working on the app that will make this possible.

As you can see this project is linked to a load of work, so much that the idea of tokenization, the idea of the Airbnb remplacement app and the idea of the ADEX could have been divided into 3 seperate ICOs. In order to make a project of such magnitude reality, there has to be a comptent team that will be able to master the technology.

Many projects talk a lot, spread a lot of news of things to come but whenever the time comes to actually deliver what they promised, they have nothing to show. Why is that so ? They have too many ambitions and not the competence to fullfill their ideas. This is what I have noticed as an investor this past year and unfortunately many people underestimate that factor.

The world of business is ruthless and demands a lot of energy and time from those who wish to advance. Many projects these days are founded by a small groupe of people who graduated recently but who have never lead anything themselves and yet they expect to raise millions.

ATLANT is aiming at a 270 trillion market and they are perfectly equipped with team to get a bite of this number.

As we read their description we realized that each member fits in perfectly in this journey towards success.

What is just as important as having a great team is having great advisors. ATLANT have a crew that has a lot of experience in the area of real estate and they probably have a broad range of contacts. These advisors are all experts at their job, which you will immediately understand once you read the description.


This is it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you have a better understanding of how ATLANT can revolutionize real estate. In the next posts, I will write about their ICO, the Use case, the benefits investors make as well as tokenization process more in detail. If you have any further questions, check out their site or their Telegram











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